Horsegate is the central meeting point for the Shifts and the home of the Shift of Stones.

320PE: Three hundred and twenty years after the creation of the Aurian Empire, every priest of Archan had the same dream. He dreamt of himself being caught in a flood and ceasing to exist as a person, washed away and dissolved, into the flood itself. The flood flowed down the mountainous peaks of Firemain Pass and flowed to a certain spot in the middle of the plains. There the light shone on it and is changed rising into a new form, the deadly form of the Shift of Souls.

Upon waking every priest made his way to Horsegate, the location shown in the dream. There they had the ‘Disolvement’, each surrendering their independence and even their priesthood status becoming the Shift of Souls, the demon-hunters. Their horses changed beneath them becoming Soulsteeds. This began the transformation of the Horselords into their current way of life as parts of Seven Great Shifts. As the oldest Shift, the Shift of Souls is the senior member of the Shifts. It is seen as carrying greater wisdom and it is rare that it will be pulled into the raiding and rivalry of the other six Shifts.

Since that time Horsegate has become a rallying point for all the Horselords. Here is where the rest of the Alkar were brought to form the next four Shifts. Later after Alkan had been invaded by walled men it was natural that his be the place chosen for the only walled citadel of the Horselords.


Horsegate is a place to rally to, a safe-zone for those unable to fight. It is a huge wall roughly oval in shape with several wide gates. Those who are unable to fight can hole up behind the huge walls and the rest of the Shifts remain free to fight. Whilst the attacking army uselessly laid siege to the impregnable walls the unfettered Shifts would mercilessly destroy their supply lines and destroy their men and resolve with flanking attacks.

It took eight years for the horselords to build and when it was planned it was done so on very straightforward lines. It is simply a wall, a very big wall with large gates to allow horsemen in and out with ease. This stronghold is rightly famed for its walls 50 strides high and 5 strides thick. Indeed it is said that Sakarah, the Tarrik of the Shift of Shadows at the time said “If you must have them, make them the best!”

The marvel of Horsegate really is that it was built at all. The horselords despise walls and the lack of movement they enforce. They had never built anything from stone in their centuries of existence and then they built this one massive edifice out of stone quarried from Firemain Pass and brought along the only trail that could be called a road in this massive country,the trail Farhoof.

Now the Shift of Stones care for Horsegate. They man its defences and are the most stable of all the Great Shifts. Not only is it solid and lasting, but in an eerie way it has always remained elegant.

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