Hidden City


South of Battlerock, north of Northport and Dark Gate, on the Western coast of Saracan is the Hidden city. This city is hidden behind the longest wall in Karandia. Over a hundred leagues long, this wall is like a rectangle with the western side missing. Its western edge having the sea wall against the Blackened Sea. On the other three sides the Skirge Wall stands resolute. The wall is manned by thirteen forts and several turrets in-between at every half laegue. It has been there since the time of the Wars of Betrayal.


It was not there on elven maps during the Golden Age and after the elves and dwarves retreated the humans didn’t expand to that northern corner of Saracan before the wall was already finished. The skirge keep the wall flying over it in huge packs and repelling any invader without warning or question. They never have yet spoken any known language to a living witness. There name was given them by the humans who first discovered and tried to get through the gateless wall. As the skirge themselves fly the hugeness of the wall is nothing to them, nor is its lack of gates of arrow slits a problem. It seems that as they can fly the wall is to keep others out, rather than them in. All who speak of the skirge and their wall do so with the hidden City in mind. Within the Skirge Wall has been seen from dragon rider height a city. It is indistinct and dark especially from that height but it is there. No one knows if this is a city of skirge or simply their masters.

Some people do not believe in the Hidden City, holding it to be a myth, others consider it real and some consider it equal to a ‘Holy Grail’ a place of great treasure and secrets. The only thing people don’t even pretend to know is who, or what, lives there.

The sea is just as unapproachable hidden sunken walls make artificial reefs and dangerous magical and natural underwater guardians patrol its waters. The nature of these guardians is uncertain as the only people to have ever gotten close to them have died and never returned.

Any ship that tries to land is ruthlessly fire bombed by the skirge anyway and as no trade seems to go in or out of the Hidden City most just avoid the area and try to pretend the skirge, their wall and the Hidden City do not exist.

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Hidden City

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