Helm's Gate Alliance


East of the Barkarin Mountains in the north of Saracan is the Helm’s Gate Alliance. Geographically four cities joined by two well paved roads, one north/south (the Wind Way so named for the speed of travel it allowed) the other east/west (Named The Knight’s Path, for the Knights of Faithsblade, and The Night’s path, for the darkness loving orcs, of Heartcleaver Keep) . These roads go through a fort that has four gates one leading to each of the four cities. It is called Helm’s Gate and commemorates the battle against Chaos fought by the four sides now united in the Helm’s Gate Alliance.

The alliance was formed many years ago when both the Catlords and Kenchillians faced extinction. The last of their races were fleeing the upsurge of the Humans and Orcs and were confronted by a mobile demonic force of chaos and undead.

The heroes Faithsblade (called Whiteskin by the orcs) and his master Heartcleaver, the great orc, came with armies to their rescue. The defeat of this terrifying force and the survival of the two races forged a powerful alliance between the four far-seeing leaders. The commemorated the battle by founding Helm’s Gate and forging the alliance. This alliance has yet to do more than waver despite the challenges it has faced. They are bound by history, mutual survival, war and a complete hatred of Chaos and Death. This alliance forms the strongest military presence in Saracan save the Army of Barkarin itself.

The cities:

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Helm's Gate Alliance

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