Most of the elves of Karritan live in the trees. The main wood elf settlement or capital is Heartwood. Located near the centre of Karritan and not far from the Linden Grove Heartwood is the most populous city of woodelves on Karandia yet even here there are few more than 40,000.

The leader of the wood elves is their Elder or Guardian. He has other titles he can be known as King, Pureblood or Warmaster, but he tends to be known as the Guardian. He is always selected from those few who already bear the title of Keeper of Karritan and he bestows this title on his whole family. It is tradition for the Guardian’s own family to take his role as one grows too old to manage or dies. The current Guardian in 1898 is Sarion Silversong and his only child is his daughter Alanda.

The most and largest trees grow here and they grow more closely together than anywhere else in the forest. Artisans, great warriors and Master Wizards all live in the branches of Heartwood, as do many druids including the Druidlore. Though the official seat of the Druidlore is the Linden Grove.

It is an amazing city built with magic both natural and arcane and must be seen to be believed. Even the palaces of Kings do not quite reflect the ancient majesty of the elven kingdom.

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