Hassel Redmane


Hassel is the self-proclaimed prophet of Colossal Fury and as Syral’s voice to the halflings of the Midfield he represents the dragon god’s will. He has set up a base of operations at Harvest Hold, which he has significantly fortified. He has asked all halflings to join themselves to him and is one of those, who claims leadership of the green feather carrying Featherfall group. He hates/dispises the halfling known as Dancer considering him misguided and dangerous.

He has many followers including a large congregation, a militarised unit of halflings who wear a green uniform and are marked with the Featherfall symbol as well as a cadre of clerics faithful to Colossal Fury.

His fighters are led by Toby Linkensphere under the title of Battleleader. His clerics are led by James Bloodston who seems to be older than Toby or Hassel and he appears to be Redmane’s chief counsellor.

Also present at Redmane’s command table was the halfling Witz though his position and/or role were never explained.

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Hassel Redmane

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