Grim Reapers


An immensely powerful assassin’s guild run out of Tor Armakan. The guild branded its members secretly as an identifying mark and as a guarantee against betrayal. The brands are reaper marks looking roughly like a cloaked man holding a scythe with the blade over his head. They are normally as black as any tattoo, but if the reaper betrays the guild the blade will go red once activated and the tattoo can disable the individual in the presence of other such brands.

The guild was led by Zarin, the death lich, and benefited from his powerful contacts throughout the Empire’s power structures.

All full members of the guild can be considered a Grim Reaper, those who are considered elite are elevated to the status of Dark Reaper and some who are special selected to work on operations even the guild cannot associate itself will become Shadow Reapers and are supposedly killed but secretly go on to do further work.

Night Reapers are not ranked assassins they are a different race of creature and they are the bodyguards of Zarin the death lich.

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Grim Reapers

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