To understand the gods and religions of Tal once must first understand the origins of Tal for in those legends are the roots to all modern religions. See The Beginning.

The Avatars are listed seperately and individually. The gods they created and their subsiduaries are listed in lesser gods. The elven, dwarvern and halfling deities are often a lesser god in a different racial guise.

Religion on Tal is still a matter of preference and faith. Yet it takes little to believe in it, as all religions are backed up by clerics, paladins or monks that can show magical power granted through their patron deity. So no one doubts that the Avatars exist or that something powers the clerics and Divinia. So the existence is not doubted even by the common man. However their motives and whether or not they are worthy of the worship of mortals is hotly contested.

The Gods live on the Planes of Power.

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