An elf seemly perpetually in his prime. He wears dark clothing and has a reserved, smart and quietly dangerous air about him at all times. Ghost is a Praetor of Darkness and it is rumoured that he is even more than this. Some claim he is Darkness’ Champion, his very right hand on Tal.

Ghost wields the famous bow Shimmerstrike one of the most powerful weapons known. Apparently the bow is linked to him and someone else wielding it finds it to be nothing more than a well made longbow. yet in Ghost’s hands it is said to kill in a single shot from ranges that exceed any mortal weapon, through walls, around corners and even cutting through magical protections. Truly few things are as dangerous as Ghost wielding his bow… unless that is Ghost wielding his bow and astride Vorin his fabled black dragon that is.

Ghost timeline

Date Event
1892 Tailen leaves to join the Green Protectoran and becomes a Ranger
1896 Now called Ghost by many he is recruited into the Knight Stalkers
1898 Involvement in the Second Dragon Army Invasion
1898-1900 At some point during this time Ghost went through the Tara-Vor trials and most agree became a Praetor of Darkness
1902 Ghost involved in destroying many of his old allies in the Knight Stalkers in particular
1915 One unreliable source says that in this year Ghost was involved in a multi-time/plane/reality event. For this assertion the historian is now known only by the quote ‘wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey’
1920 Some claim at this point Ghost became Darkness’ Champion and was involved in the destruction of the planar prison
1924 Most agree Ghost met with the Avenger in this year

Assumed PR= 7

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