Gemma was an acolyte at the shrine of Light in Evenfall. She was long time friend of Silver a young orphan who came to live in the town in his youth. She has since taken the surname Kaylin.

Pretty if not beautiful, Gemma tends to wear the simple unadorned white robes of her order. She has pale white skin and blond hair usually kept quite short.

Gemma is someone who believes in doing practical good over spiritual idealism and likes to be out among the people. She has many friends and well wishers in her home town and was the special favourite of the Luminary of the shrine Seth before his sudden death.

Whilst assisting the heroes in their exploration of The Mine she was kidnapped and part of an exchange between the Glyph Brother and a masked man supposedly a rogue member of the Seekers called Dalinar. The exchange went badly with the masked man stabbing the brother with a Wraith Blade and then forcing the bound girl through a secret door. This was the last that was heard of her for some time.

Eventually, Gemma was hunted down by her friend Silver and his ally Bowlem. Together they rescued her from Dalinor (The masked individual) though as part of the exchange he escaped with his life. However Gemma’s soul was damaged in some way. She was taken to the Temple of Light and after lengthy administration she seems to have been healed after a fashion.

It seems that Gemma is considered a ‘Seer’ by several people. This is the reason given by most for their interest in her and the probable reason for her abduction.

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