Gan Tarak


Gan Tarak is a port town on the western coastline of the Aurian Empire.

When Gan Tarak was first named it was named after Tatrak. But since Tatrak’s power and influence waned Gan Tarak renamed itself. It could do this because it was chosen as the headquarters of the Blue Protectoran. The academy was founded and the ship yards laid down, though they pale next to those of Yewdon on the east coast.

Gan Tarak is the largest military port in the world. At any given time it will have over seventy ships in and around its harbours. It also employs a sea wall covered with towers and siege weapons, more than enough to daunt any would be invader.

Gan Tarak has a well earned reputation for having rigid control of its trade and customs. It is run extremely efficiently and even bribery is not tolerated.

Key People

Grand Admiral Jamerson Pellerin Doyle

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Gan Tarak

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