Foremast is the dukedom on the northern coast of Errantlund. It is a port city and has a large halfling population. Many Spreeans have moved here and many others trade here. It has the reputation of an open and friendly city. Its dukes and nobles a reputation for ‘noblesse oblige’ and even handed fairness.

It has been engaged in many wars with the rebelious Dukedom of BurlliĆ©s and its own impeccable loyalty is reknowned. It has been called the ‘Bodyguard’ or ‘Guardian’ of the King. The nobles of the Dukedom are not only aware of this ‘title’ but are feircly determined to keep it. Therefore a more loyal Dukedom is not to be found in all of Errantlund. If the Lion calls Foremast will certainly answer.

Perhaps it is no surprise that Foremast has produced the most Royal lines with the sole exception of Illetia.

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