One of the primal races of Tal created by Wild’s special animal life rather than Light’s original creation.



Fey vary in height some being tiny and others small and others medium. None are as large as humans in height. They are typically slight of build. Fey grow almost no body hair and look most similar to elves of the more common races.

Fey’s bodies are full of Talia the magical essence of life and the planet Tal. This makes them resistant to magic and resilient to poison and disease. They specialise in enchantment and their minds in turn are harder to assault and break.

Many fey are mischievous and delight in games and trickery.


The Fey were born from the creation of Talia by the Avatar of Wild. Among the fey the other Avatars have their allies and favourites, but Wild himself is their patron, he is one of them.

During the golden age of the elves the dwarvern and elven alliance had a lot of contact with the fey and the huge Karritan forest was really the Karandian forest. During that time fey were very common and so even in these dark times they maintain those old alliances especially with the elves.

Fey have receded with the destruction of the natural land and the spread of huge human cities and civilisation. The fey resent this but not in the same way the elves do. The fey are far more removed from the reality of day to day living on Karandia.

To the casual observer the fey seem to have to defined culture or politics. But those who study them or risk going among them to their hidden courts may discover this to be not only false but in fact the opposite of the truth.

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