Felmire is a dukedom in Errantlund. It is known primarily for being situated on the north western border of the country bordering the forest of Karritan last refuge of the wood elves. Its colours are a blue falcon head on a red field.

Felmire has an ancient family and is renowned for its love of history. It is said that the nobles of Felmire have a memory as good as that of the elves, though they would not appreciate the comparison themselves.

Many years ago the Duchess of Felmire went into the forest and bathed in a sacred pool she was arrested for this and never seen or heard from again. The Duke of Felmire all his allies and basically the majority of Errantlund went to war with the elven nation intent on finishing the troublesome race off. This war later became known as the War of the Lady and proved terribly costly for the humans who were forced to retreat. This has never been forgotten or forgiven by the nobles of Felmire. They hate the Karritkol with a vengeance and over hundreds of years the numbers of deaths on both sides have forged this hatred into a mutually binding grip of iron. It is now known for being racist and isolationist.

No end to the constant border skirmishes are in sight. No unbound, living elf is permitted with the walls of the city on pain of death. The elves feel much the same in return.

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