A location underneath the temple of Justice, which predates the building of the temple and possibly Dusken itself. It is possible that Dusken was build where it is just so it would encompass the Everpit.

It is used to imprison those who cannot be held in regular cells.

Currently a demon and a very powerful blue/white fire elemental (A possibly unique creature) are held within.

The Everpit is a difficult phenomenon to explain. The bottom is not immediately apparent to the eye and may well not exist. The Everpit is itself a warp in reality and possibly a different plancescape that has been rifted into the material plane of Tal.

The pit’s properties are not completely understood, even by the clerics who have made its study their life’s work, but some parts of it have been tested and the findings recorded.

Time is not linear in the pit. Some people experience time quicker or even not at all frm the time they go in till when they leave. However it has been all but conclusively reasoned that time doesn’t reverse in anyway.

The pit is a magical dead zone in every way we understand it. Arcane magic, Talium life magic and even soul magic are bound within the pit. more than bound it is as if they never existed. Divine is somewhat different it appears Divine magic can affect the pit but only if the user is outside of it. The clerics of Justice use this to allow them to put people in and get people out of the pit and its influence. Without their assistance escape from the pit is impossible. Even they must use ancient tools to assist them called ‘Pitkeys’. It is believed these keys are made from the same material that supposedly the pit is made from itself.

Travel of any kind appears to be impossible. Flight, walking, running jumping, dimensional sliding and teleportation seem to all be equally impossible. The laws of physics appear suspended or contained in the same way the laws of magic and time have been upended.

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