Elven is one of the oldest languages on Tal. It is the form of communication the Light’s first children used, based off Vae-Tal and Celestial. The Varikol spoke it in its purest form, but after millennium it has changed a lot.

Variants and Traits

The Varikol are gone and in their place now stand varied races of elves.

The Karritkol and their near cousins the Quinkol forest elves have the language nearest to the Vae-Tal root. The language builds off a full sensory interaction and leans most on the elven sense of magical connection.

The Aquatikol have changed the language in a different way moving more towards the Celestial roots and their language is very verbal and their accents tending to a melodic almost singing tone. Their language is also adapted for underwater use using tones that carry well in the water and hand signals as well.

The Ca’venkol have altered the language but only in that they have discarded some words, created others and changed the meanings of others. It is a slightly harsher dialect and tends to much shorter conversations and phrasing than the elven spoken on the surface.



  • Aquatikol
  • Ca’venkol
  • Karritkol
  • Quinkol
  • Varikol


The following groups are likely to know elven as a second language.

  • Dwarves – Elves have been their greatest allies for centuries and they have long known each other’s languages.
  • Ents
  • Fey
  • Half-elves
  • Mages – many spells can only be done in elven and a lot of arcane writings use elven.

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