Elder of Quintox

The title of the true elven leader of the Quintox forest and all Qintoxian elves or the Quinkol. The Elder of Quintox is not merely a title however it is bestowed upon the rightful heir after he passes through the Tomb of the Elders, which can only be opened with the correct song played on the magical pipes of the people.

Once the hidden tests of the tomb are passed and the subject is deemed worthy he or she is endowed with the title and power of the Elder of Quintox. Regardless of that individuals previous abilities they now have the capacity to access the Energies and power of the forest itself. They are also endowed with some of the knowledge and insight of the past Elders of Quintox. This power and title only apply upon the ground of Quintox forest herself and infer nothing beyond her borders.

Known Elders of Quintox include:

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Elder of Quintox

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