Eaglesfarr is the only large and clear valley through the Eagleclaw Mountains, which mark the border between the Alkan plains and Errantlund. If anyone were to try an invade Errantlund from the south they would either have to travel over a hundred leagues west and try to go around in between the end of the mountains and the forest of Karritan or they must pass through Eaglesfarr.

Realising this and after the plainsmen’s wars with the towns people in the south the Maned King called for a Great Gate to be build across Eaglesfarr. This gate, the Eagle’s Gate, is so large it is more a fortress than a gate. It is three hundred strides in length and wide enough for men and siege weapons to be mounted on it and patrol it.

At each end of the valley is a tall rising mountain. In these ‘spires’ are nests of giant eagles. These have been cultivated and bred by the Errantlunders deliberately so that they could train a flying division of knights. These eagle riders are always stationed at Eagle’s Gate and have never yet been used in an offensive manoeuvre anywhere.

The Gate has been assaulted twice by significant forces once be the horselords in an attempt to force the return of an ancient relic and once as a all out invasion by the Dragonites during the 2nd Dragon Army invasion. During this battle the Gate was broken but the army was turned back by the united efforts of mercenaries, the Gate guard, the arriving Lion Army and the Stars of Destiny.

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