When Saracan was officially formed somewhere had to be chosen as the focal point for this disparate alliance. Dusken, trade city, was chosen as it. This was partially chosen for its central location but it is more than that. Dusken is a thriving centre for trade and commerce. Its many guilds and burgeoning population make in an ideal capital. Also the humans of Dusken were the most interested in a mutual defence treaty it was they who had the vision to see what would happen to Saracan if it continued to be a lawless jumble of towns, cities and peoples each with regard only for themselves. Between the ravages of the wild Wargak tribes and the greedy, cunning might of the Aurian Empire Saracan would’ve ceased to exist.

Dusken has grown many times over the years and become a four walled city. Only the city within the first wall is truly Dusken, Trade City. Still the multiple walls have helped Dusken in the past to withstand a protracted siege despite not being a fortress designed for such things.

As a city Dusken is huge, not only sideways but, unusually, upwards as well. Almost every building in Dusken has both attic and celler and it is not uncommon for buildings to have three floors besides those. It is crowded and space is at a premium, its builder guild make huge profits on every re-structuring they make within the walls of the inner city. It is important to be within the Trade-city itself as trade outside it is heavily taxed by the city guard, whereas trade within the ‘trade-city’ recieves special dispensation and tax credit. So Dusken goes through constant remodeling to fit in more and more people, shops and goods.

Dusken is a place of corruption like many places where money flows like water. Gold is the language of Dusken; to those who have gold nothing is forbidden and to those who do not every door is shut. Slavery is rife here, unlike much of Saracan. Prostitution, gambling, drunken brawling, thievery, bribery and even murder are relatively common.

It is ruled by a council of Trading Lords called the Dusk Lords. These lords wear black ‘Cloaks of Dusk’ as emblems of their office. They are elected by land and business owners. Numbers of votes are based on income. These cloaks are magical items that protect them from attack and magical scrying. There are 18 Dusk Lords and two are elected by them as leaders every five years. These men and women are just as corruptible as any others and some of Dusken’s citizens now think, and voice the thought, that their elections should be more open. People begin to talk of true elected officials who are chosen by the common man and held to account for the greater good. Up till now these voices have been from the disorganised and relatively powerless masses, but just recently some of the wealthy business-nobility have gotten interested in the idea. Unrest is certain to follow.

The Dusk Lords are supported by the Duskmasks the full time guards of the city. Due to Dusken’s history of assassination and intrigue these Duskmasks wear masks, which hide their identities. This was originally so that the Duskmasks could not be manipulated by people threatening their families in retaliation for serving the Dusk Lords.

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