Dragonwatch the ancentral home of the Dragonsbane family is located in the Dukedom of Thanalaé.

A noble family with a proud herritage in the slaying of the fearsome dragons the Dragonsbanes have lived in Dragonwatch since its creation. Many of its fabled scions completed legendary quests some, in its reknowned history, even managed to kill one dragon of each colour . There is a gallery at Dragonwatch which depicts the exploits of some of the more reknowned members of the line.

Dragonwatch however is not just the proud keep it is also the name of the surrounding town which owes its allegiance to the Dragonsbane family. Dragonwatch is a bustling trading town set as it is on a river and placed right on the edge of both Karritan and Alkan.

The the Dragonsbanes have always been known for their bravery it is only of recent years under Vanguard Dragonsbane that they have become known as one of the best masters, landlords and leaders in all of Errantlund.

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