Djohlan were a scholar nation and when invaded by Torash soon after that country had subjugated the much more militaristic Arcen Djohlan surrendered quickly. They had neither the training or desire for a war and so moved under Toran occuation quietly. The capital Djohl houses the pride of the nation its university and library the ‘Djaren’. This centre of learning has been significantly altered by over a thousand years as the premier point of learning in Torash. Now it has entire classes devoted to siege engines, others to hand held infantry weapon redesign, one to capital ship weapons, several on fortification design and dozens on tactics, strategy and war planning etc. The surrender of Djohlan and their advantageous offers of training and education of the Toran people led their surrender to be the least bloody. Not even the king was killed, he simply abdicated. Due to this the Djohlan royal line is more than intact it has grown beyond the Toran ability to track it and left many noble Djohlan in control of their own estates and fortunes. As they all docilely pay their taxes it is hard to see a way to change that now. This leads the Djohlan resistance well led and supplied. However as a people the Djohlans have been historically uninterested in dying for causes, so the wait continues.

There is a royalty underground that keeps up an ongoing secret resistance to the Toran occupation. This underground has connected with other like minded organisations and become named the Knights of the Sky. The different Knights of the Sky factions display their colours differently exposing that they are not as united as they should be. This probably explains why after over a millenia the knights have never thrown off Toran occupation.

The Knights of the Sky are recognised by a blue flag with a black hawk swooping down with a weapon in its claws. In the Djohlan version the hawk is carrying an crossbow.

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