Divinia is the name of the source of divine or Avatar given magic.


It is generated according to the clerics entirely by the Avatars themselves and is given as they see fit usually as a reward for an individual’s diligence and faith. Due to this Divine magic is likely to be the most powerful. It is completely under the control of its sources however.

Divinia is accessible by almost all people but requires believing in and gaining the approval of one of the Avatars. Study and natural magical ability can assist a cleric in developing and refining this ability but they cannot grant him access to any more power other than that his deity deems fit to give him/her. Typically those who attain high rank in the religious organisations of the avatars are stronger as a sign of their favour.

So in short divina is endowed from the Avatars as a reward or gift to those they deem worthy. Increases in power are based on increases in faith or levels of service to the deity.

Divinia’s spells and abilities are split by some into the 8 schools of magic used by arcania for categorisation (Though its applications are actually limitless). However unlike the wizards no known cleric organisation has organised themselves around this model. Rather divine magic is seen as split by avatar.

1- Darkness (Magic from this source hides, deceives or entices. Greater darkness, charm geas are good examples of typical Darkness spells.)
2- Death (Magic from this source deals with the negative energy and all of its applications. Necromancy and Soulcraft are both heavily entwined with Death magic. Disintegrate, raise dead and lifer drain are common examples.)
3- Justice (Magic from this source tends to be based on power and truth, dealing with force effects and enchantments. Spells such as Wall of Force, detect lies and magic weapon would be good examples)
4- Knowledge (Magic from this source is applicable to anything. As the Avatar who taught elves the use of Arcania Knowledge is special in his very variety. His clerics are as specialist and varied as it is possible to be.)
5- Light (Magic from this source deals with the senses and positive energy. Healing, light spells, enhanced sensory perception are common applications.)
6- Nature/Wild (Magic from this source tends to deal with the manipulation or conjuring of energy or things. Elemental powers, summoning and tranformation are common applications. It is heavily related to Talia as in many ways that is one and the same source.)

Almost always the Avatars reward loyal paladins and clerics with increased access to their power. Therefore clerics and paladins of higher rank almost always have more powerful magic to go with it. However they can grant their power to whomever they choose and the Tara-Vor are examples of people who use Divinia without necessarily being clerics. Tara-Vor in fact are in many ways the ultimate Divinia wielders (At least as far as mortals go).

Some key groups are:

  • The Church of Celer, the largest single priesthood on Tal. This church is dedicated to Knowledge as the father of finance and capitalist ideas. Under the leadership of the Cardinal it wields incredible temporal as well as spiritual power.
  • The Shift of Souls
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Some key individuals of note

  • The Ancient Cleric and Tara-Vor of Knowledge
  • The Cardinal of Celer.
  • The Moor Seer a powerful elven wizard and cleric.
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  • Sevester one of Darkness’ Tara-Vor both cleric and Wizard
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