Dark Gate


South of the Skirge Wall and north of Northport is the River Serpent. The Serpent is a very long river rumoured to be the resting place of the ancient snake god. So while its waters are clean, all holy men, clerics etc avoid it and will not drink from it. It is very wide and deep but its waters are usually calm and it can be navigated easily by barge or boat.

Between the line of this north-west to south-east running river and the western coast of the Blackened Sea are the plain and valleys of Darethmoore. This is the location of Dark Gate. Here the Ca’venkol have returned to the surface for the first time in hundreds of years.

It is a dangerous place especially in the darkness after sun down and before sun rise. The dark elves are mercilessly killing any and all scouts sent against them and up to now only the elves whose power base is far away truly see them as a threat. The humans are as happy to ignore them as they are the existence of Wargak or the Hidden City. They will not bother further with such distant, dangerous and unrewarding problems. Unless it comes for them of course. Those holy crusaders or zealous elves who do go, have all been killed up to now.

The dark elves, however, are content to wait, for now.

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Dark Gate

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