Dancer is a visitor to Evenfall. He dresses in garish, clashing colours and is very jolly and not a little arrogant. He wears a greenfeather which may suggest he is a member of the Featherfall group or may just be another indication of his terrible fashion sense.

He is a halfling with curly gingery-blond hair. He is ALWAYS smiling, even when insulted. His real name appears to be Wibbel.

In the past he apparently found a large Talium deposit and with this bought out a human merchant consortium. By doing this he ended up owning a lot of the land in the Midfield and then sold or rented it to the halflings who lived there. Some claim he used this to gain influence and some see it only as a shrewd business move which earned him a lot of money. However some see it as his effort to keep the halflings independent of human control.

He has asked the heroes to help him.

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