Daharan Ajihaz

The Sultan of Kaladire is possibly the closest thing that Elygia has to a ruler. Elygia is not really a united country but Sariport and Kaladire make up over 80% of its entire population. Kaldire’s guilds are ancient in origin and great in prestige and it is the Sultan’s relationship with them that determines much of the direction and power of his reign. The Sultan is not an elected official he is an hereditary monarch. However the family of the Sultan has changed over the years due to internal strife.

The Sultan is considered so pure he is forbidden from cutting his hair requiring elaborate hair pieces to prevent his very long hair causing problems. This only applies to him and his direct heirs and it is not unusual for high officially to shave their heads regularly as a sign that they honour the Sultan above themselves. Overly long hair is discouraged to the point that some poorer people have been beaten for having hair so long it was apparently hinting that they found themselves as pure as a Sultan. Beating and forcibly cutting the hair of someone in the Sultan’s name (if not with his knowledge or authority) is unofficially known as ‘Sheering’.

The current Sultan is Daharan Ajihaz. He is incredibly wealthy, due to the previous Sultans of his family vastly increasing the Sultanate trading interests in the local guilds and with Sariport. His most significant personal contribution to Kaladire has been in his strange move to allow anyone to petition for guild membership and entry even into his own personal guard. This has made him incredibly popular and it is said that his guard is split into two sections a highly elite few who have come from the highest echelons of the fighters’ guild and a huge number of newly recruited only newly trained irregulars. These ‘alley rats’ as they are disparagingly known are bizarrely loyal to the Sultan seeing him as the only person who has ever assigned them any worth.

In foreign affairs the Sultan is extremely pro Auria at the moment and while some would argue that is the only stance an Elygian monarch can take it clearly isn’t as history proves. Many think the Sultan is too cozy with Aurian trade delegations and ambassadors and is not really protecting the best interests of Elygia by giving so much in his negotiations.

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Daharan Ajihaz

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