Corven had lots of close ties with Elygia before it was invaded and taken over by Torash. The fall of Corven was quick and this is what Elygian allies claimed prevented them from coming to the rescue. The event is so far back in the past now, almost no one remembers what was going on. Corven was in no way prepared for the onslaught of the Toran war machine and when it couldn’t buy enough time for allies like Elygia, Telholm or Auria to help it fell. Corven has done well as a part of Torash however many senior members of the Toran civil service came from this area. It is probably the least discontent of the occupied states. Its king and his sons were excecuted on surrender but at least two princesses were granted complete amnesty as part of the agreement. Corven’s capital is Corven and it continues to work as an administrative and resuplly centre in Torash.

There is a royalty underground that keeps up an ongoing secret resistance to the Toran occupation. This underground has connected with other like minded organisations and become named the Knights of the Sky. The different Knights of the Sky factions display their colours differently exposing that they are not as united as they should be. This probably explains why after over a milenia the knights have never thrown off Toran occupation.

The Knights of the Sky are recognised by a blue flag with a black hawk swooping down with a weapon in its claws. In the Corven version the hawk is carrying an axe.

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