Circle's Tower


The Circle’s Tower is the home, training ground and headquarters of the Green Circle or the wizards and magicians of Errantlund. It is not permited to practise magic and live within the countries borders and not be a member at least an affiliate of the Green Circle.

The Tower is located in a natural loop of the Wrenway river located in eastern Errantlund. To assault it is unthinkable. There is no visible entrances or exits and the tower itself is made of what appears to be solid, unforgiving, granite. It has never been attacked and nor is it ever expected to be.

Young men and women who wish to be wizards travel to the Tower to seek training. Some are successful many are not. Those who are, are trained at the Tower’s expense, and those who are not, are sent home with a little money to see to the most basic traveling costs.

What lies within the tower is a mystery as the wizards do not talk about it. One assumes however that their must be living quarters and training rooms and libraries at the very least. Rumours speak of hidden vaults containing great magical and mystical treasures. This is the home of the Royal Magician though he also has quarters at the palace in Lionelle.

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Circle's Tower

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