These are the elves created by the Avatar of Darkness from the Varikol. They are sometimes known under their true name as the Ca’venkol (or Cavern People). They were forced from the surface of Karandia by the combined might of the dwarves and elves. This forced them to learn to live harsh, bitter lives based on survival alone for many decades. However the dark elves eventually dominated the underworld and built their own cities. Now many other creatures who live in the underground speak their language of Enca’vern. They grew powerful and have since returned to the surface at Dark Gate.

They are the sworn enemies of all elves and Light itself. Dark elves are incredibly dangerous and delight in trickery, lies, thievery and killing. Now however the dark elves have out grown their original survivor routes and have learnt the joys of ego, self-indulgence and luxury.


Dark elves tend to be slightly shorter and leaner than their overworld brothers. There are however a few key differences in appearance.. Dark elves tend to have darker skin, hair and eyes than wood or sea elves which makes them remarkably hard to spot at night or in their home territory.


Dark elves live mainly underground. However they have returned to the surface in efforts to re-establish themselves and challenge first the dwarves and elves and now humans too. They have a permanent holding once more upon Karandia’s surface at Dark Gate. This feared area is between the Serpent river and the Blackened Sea. To the south it is covered by the Swamp of the Free Visks, so it is heavily protected from anything but a major assault. Due to the dark elves completely deadly reception of all visitors, it is unsurprising that no one troubles them.

Way of life

Dark elves live in a political society based entirely on power. That power can be represented many ways. Each leader of a Sh’rik or sect is inevitably female. Only women can hold any office of politics or leadership. Women can have several male partners, frequently, but not always, practising plural marriage.

Men normally follow combative paths, fighters, rangers, assassins, thieves and rogues. They are inevitably bodyguards and councillors to their female leaders. Men are also primarily responsible for the offices of priest or cleric.

The dark elves universally worship The Avatar of Darkness. Unlike those above they never forgot him, mainly because of his cruel and yet instantly rewarding meddling in their lives. Only men may be called as Priests of the Shadow and so this is one area in which they can gain some prestige and personal power outside the area of war and physical excellence. For this reason the priesthood attract the majority of the cleverest, or most spiritually and mentally gifted, ca’venkol men.

Usually you belong to the sect or Sh’rik of your parents until you are at least 80 years old. after that point you are open to chose you own (Whether that be the one you are already in or not). This decision can be delayed sometimes for decades but it is more common for ca’venkol to choose very soon after their 80th name day.Until you make your choice you have no say in the Sh’rik or its affairs and are of the lowest rank. it works as follows:

Ranki Description
Unchosen Still a minor
Chosen Newly joined
Member Gone through initial testing period
High ranking member These ranks will have different names in different Sh’riks
Council The majority of these in the majority of Sh’riks are female
Leader Almost always female

Some types of Sh’rik

Elitists – Elves who believe that intelligence and skills are the ruling principles. These Sh’riks are based on excellence in a specific field, magic, crafting, speaking, thievery, trading, growing etc.

Fighter/hunter Sh’riks – Council will have more men than usual those its leader will still likely be female. (Still if there are ever male leaders they are in these or religion types). Often they specialise in certain types, positions (eg: attack, defense, siege), weapons etc. Many are focused on improving the power structure for males in ca’venkol society.

Religion – Based on the worship of one of the aspects of Darkness. Heavily male influenced. Even the leaders are often male.

Research/magic – Uniquely female power base with very few men if any. Council and leader will all be female always.

Female supremacists: Politically focused organisations interested in controlling domestic power and maintaining/furthering the status quo. These groups do not all agree however. Some act in their opinions for the betterment of all especially the men who need to be guided, others see men as useful and are typically very sexually promiscuous having a VERY liberal view and see men as so unimportant they can be enjoyed and discarded cheaply, some see men as almost an evil disease that if the race could continue without it should. They work to chastise and hurt other male orientated forces such as the Brotherhood of Shadows and the military.

Worker Sh’riks – Focused on specific tasks. These Sh’riks actually make the world work. Councils and leaders inevitably women.

Game Mechanics

Dark elves males and females differ so greatly in their way of life that their physical make up has altered. The men due to their primary roles as followers and fighters have lost some of their natural pull of leadership and presence. This is reflected in a -2 CHA penalty whilst endowing them with +2 DEX. This replaces the normal elven ability modifiers.

Females grown and bred to command have had less use for their agility and so they receive +2 INT abd +2 CHA and -2 CON to reflect their leadership based lives. This replaces the normal elven ability modifiers.

Dark elves have perfect vision in the dark and 120ft vision in daylight. On cloudless days of bright sunlight dark elves suffer a -2 penalty to all saves, attack, grapple and skill checks.

As with all elves the dark elves must sleep but they receive a +2 racial bonus to will saves vs sleep and enchantment effects.

Elves are considered the dark elves most hated and bitter foe. They have learnt to hunt and kill them wherever they find them. For the MALEs this translates as +1 to att/damage and AC vs elves. For the females this translates as a +2 racial bonus to skills and spell DCs against elves (Both to resist their spells and to make their own harder to resist.

Favoured class: sorcerer (female); rogue (male).

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