Carissen is the central town of the Carissen Dukedom. It dominates Carissen bay which is a break water between Carissen and the BurlliƩs peninsula. It is rife with low life, yet it works as a regular trading town. It is in control of the patrols around Carissen Bay and as it has a better naval force than its neighbour it patrols Far Isle the sea elf outpost as well.

Carissen is the only city to have trade with the sea elves of Far Isle. This trade is tenuous and is based on an understanding built up many many years ago. Some stupidity on the part of certain traders has almost cost Carissen this unique benefit and it is the main issue which splits its nobility and merchant classes. Do you go for broke and try and milk the elves for all their worth, or treat them with deference usually resevered for royalty, in hopes of maintaining a now tenuous but lucrative link?

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