One of the Dukedoms of Errantlund. Burlliés is located on the north-eastern peninsula facing Far Isle. Between it and the rest of Errantlund is the Peninsula Forest home to a secret Wood elf outpost. The residents of Burlliés hate the wood elves and have tried to be rid of them many times but always in failure. The elves cause plenty of trouble harrassing caravans and traders that come through their forest. However whenm left alone the elves reward the traders by reducing their resistance. This has caused a sort of see-saw effect over the years as one side has provoked the other and then later a patch of dormancy. There is a feeling of constant civil war in Burlliés.

Burlliés is also known for being the most disloyal Dukedom to the crown. It has had the most rebellions and efforts to become independently governed. It is also the Dukedom that has produced the fewest Kings. Pissibly the two things are linked.

Burlliés is rivaled by Formast the Dukedom to the west. Not only is Formast a port like Burlliés but it is also reknowned for its loyalty to the crown. Often it has been the forces of Formast rather than Errantlund as a whole that have turned back or prevented a Burlliés rebellion.

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