Border Forts


Begun to protect against future Aurian expansion the border forts range all the way along the hilly border between Auria and Torash. Later after Auria expanded northwards and took the forest of Oakland, the forts were extended.

The forts are just that a line of networked forts capable of sending singnals to ach other and holding up any advance. As they are all present in an unbroken line Torash cannot be attacked anywhere along its northern or eastern border without a manned and garrisoned fortress barring the way. While the attacker deals with the one fort all the others are singnaled that an attack is underway. Then if the attacker does not neutralise these the garisons can mobilise and shut the door behind the invading army cutting off supplies and reinforcements. When Auria invaded the border forts were more like forts than the castles they are today. Yet they forced the Aurian army (Not then the professional Protectorans they have today) to spread out and neutralise most of the forts before they dared press inwards, a dozen seiges and far more assaults were required taking years. This bought the Torans time tom organise reinforcing armies to harry the Aurian advance and to finish Redwatch ready for its six year seige.

The forts have been built improved and leveled more than once in Torash’s long history usually by Auria, but they always stand vigilant against the Empire. A Fort is usually garrisoned with a division and governed by its own Shield. One in five will be commanded by a Lance and those Shields on both sides will be part of his battalion.

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Border Forts

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