Blue Protectoran

The Blue Protectoran is the Navy of the Empire. Known as both the Navy and the Sea Swords it protects the long western coast of the Empire and runs all its shipping lanes and outlying islands etc. The Navy is also seen as a key mobilising force for land armies. It has become increasingly important since the Aurians gained over seas interests in Eltirian.


Blue Protectoran sailors tend to wear no armour. Their weapons tend to a light cutlas and ranged weapons. Some legions specialise in marine combat attacking and defending in hand-to-hand ship battles. Some also specialise in the use of large ship to ship weapons. On the whole they are mobile lightly armed and armoured.


They cover the Kolaran and Gan Tarak trading areas which covers the entire Western Coast. They also are considered responsible for any overseas holdings and the safety of shipping lanes.


The leader of the Blue Protectoran carries the title of Grand Admiral. This is currently held by Jamerson Pellerin Doyle.

Some ranks are a little different in the Blue Protectoran due to its aquatic nature.

A Blademark is known as a Seamark or sometimes a Rear Admiral.
A General is known as an Admiral.
A Lexion is known as an Admiral of the Fleet or a Fleet Admiral.

The rank of Captain can mean much more if it applies to a Ship’s Captain. As aboard his own ship he is the equivalent of Blademark and the superior of a Commander. Most commanders are also Ship’s Captains and are called such in time honoured tradition despite their actual rank.
Regulars who show particular skill are given the appellation Mate and then Firstmate to acknowledge their individual skill. Though they are not officers these titles do bestow seniority upon them and can lead them to bridging the gap to officer.

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Blue Protectoran

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