Invasions from Wargak have rarely tried to go across the Barkarin Mountains they very quickly learnt that it was suicide for them to do so. So they either hug the northern coast towards Danaspree or take their usual route south into the Saracan heartland. This route takes them past or rather through Battlerock.

This city built at the edge of foothills in the south-west of the Barkarin Mountains, is full of the most hardened people Saracan proper has to offer. Many humans, half-elves and dwarves, as well as some full elves, green skins and halflings. They are a war torn people in a place which only values two things: A warrior and gems.

Battlerock (Rock for its stone walls) was made because of the propensity of precious gems found in the foothills near it. They are still there in great abundance. It was only later that Wargak made Battlerock a place famed for its warriors’ fighting skills. All buildings in Battlerock are made from stone, quarried from the nearby mountains and it is surrounded by a great wall three strides thick. It has a large (for a city) perminant military called the Battlelance which constantly patrol the surrounding area – noticably the north- looking for trouble.

The Battlelance is supported by various guilds in Battlerock including the ‘Free Mages’ Guild’ and The ‘Paladins of Light’.

Battlerock is led by its Lord and Lady, currently these are a half-elven pair called Ka’fel and Na’evre Witherbane. Ka’fel is a wise and cunning fighter and tactician, his wife an accomplished wizardess. They also have a daughter who is wild and willful and frequently in trouble.

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