Barkarin Mountains

The Barkarin mountains contain the highest and most rugged highlands of all of Karandia. They are split by the long, wide Mithril Valley. Above the valley is the Gold Range so named by the dwarves who mine it and below the Valley is called the Grit Range, also named by the dwarves.

In the Gold Range their live many fabled beasts. above ground and out of dwarvern jurisdiction it is a wild land little better than Wargak. It is mainly inhabited by animals and creatures rather than any civilised races. Though in the foothills between the mountains and the sea there are goblin settlements. It is rumored also to hold An’kan’ast the tallest mountain in the world and the sacred shine to the Avatar of Wild or Nature. It was from this mythical place that the Armlet of Strength was supposed to have first come to the elves.

Beneath the Gold Range is the domain of the Barkarin dwarves. And as the name suggests they mine gold, silver and copper here.

The Grit Range is quite different. Here live the Gyar tribes and lots of rough goblin settlements. Outside of Wargak itself this is the largest population of ogres in Karandia. They live in mountainside villages usually surrounded with rough thick walls. Most of the time they spend ranging against each other. occasionally they fight the dwarves or Gyar. Under the Grit Range are the myriad cities of the Ranats. So sometimes these scavengers are seen above ground as well.

Beneath the Grit Range is the domain of the Barkarin dwarves. Here they mine and work iron, into dwarvern steel. Ironforge armour is also made here.

The Mountain Dwarves

The Barkarin Mountains are the last refuge of the dwarves as a nation. Some dwarves have left or never went to these mountains and those, now called Hill Dwarves, still live in the world at large. Some even have all dwarf villages however it is only here that the dwarves have a heirarchy, government and national identity. Therefore the dwarves are protective of these mountains and of their capital Barkarin.

Apart from Barkarin itself the dwarves have some other locations within the mountains that are worthy of note, these are:

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Barkarin Mountains

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