Avatar of Wild


The Avatar of Nature never goes by that name. He is always referred to as the Avatar of Wild or more simply Fang. He created animal life, a simpler more primal version of life as created by Light and endorsed, empowered and patronised by the other Avatars.

Fang is stiffly independent and bases his movements on the need for order and chaos to exist simultaneously as in nature. True freedom for each to ask but all conforming to all powerful governing laws of strength, survival and reproduction. The weak should die out and the strong should reproduce creating a better more evolved world. Neutral as the Avatar of Knowledge, he nevertheless involves himself constantly in the ongoing wars for supremacy between good and evil, order and chaos, light and darkness and life and death. His position is one that is hard to guess and he changes his allegiance based only on his own methods of deciding what is best which is very difficult for anyone else to predict or even understand.

Fang wields the Armlet of Wild/Nature and is inextricably linked with the mortal Armlet of Strength. It is possession of this Armlet that decides the current dominant race on Tal.

All animals worship Wild and due to this he has not been as truely weakened by the abandonment of mortals as have the others. Yet truth be told he was never as truely strong without the pure amount of mortal worshipers they had. So it is the same as 6 or two sets of 3.


Wild appears in several forms. Those that are common are the hunter, the berserker, the great wolf, the raging dragon and the glorious lion.

As an animal Wild often takes on a female form but has never been known to do so when adopting a mortal shape.

Apparently Wild appears quite differently when speaking with his Avatar siblings, but that is difficult to prove or research further for obvious reasons.


Fang is known to be wild. Indeed he is famed for his unpredicability and his rages that can last for years. He loves contest and strife as long as it serves the purposes of the Trail of Strength also called the Warren.

Fang is quick to like but slow to approve. Within a moment he can choose and call a new follower and even place in their handsd great power but that does not make them his chosen. He calls many this way to see what they will do to become worthy of what has been given. So he is half blunt and simple as a wild dog and in other ways is as wiley as any coyote.


His followers are to be numbered in the million upon million if all animals are to be counted. True these animals are barely aware that Wild created them and that to him they owe their allegiance, yet if ever he calls they all answer and never with any hesitation. He is the Pack leader, King of the Pride, Leader of the Heard, where he goes all follow.

His mortal followers were as with the other Avatars. Since the restouration however they have been gaining in strength and many of the wild people never actually gave up his primal worship. Some lonely tribal shamans and his few remaining Tara-Vor never stopped his sacrifices.

Some rise to Praetor of Wild, joining the Tara-Vor.

Though there are organised worshippers of Wild these tend to be led by druids and shamans rather than clerics. True clerics of wild tend to be shaman and cleric or druid and cleric interchangeably.
Typically their hierarchy is based upon their druidic or shamanistic titles not clerical ones.

Planar Followers

Wild rules the Plane of Nature/Wild and its denizens.

Elemental Forces

The Awakened

The Immortal Hunters Others

Subgroups differ see Elemental traits, Fey traits and planar animal traits in subsections. It is very common for the servants of Wild to have enhanced strength.

Languages spoken by the various groups differ widely.

Elementals use sonic and sub-sonic tones and harmonies to communicate. This language is called Ele-tal and is very difficult without magic to speak, as a human, or even imitate badly. Yet many elementals are capable of communicating in common as well especially the air and water varieties.

The fey speak the language of life or the vitae called Vae-tal. Associated closely with Ele-tal this language is partially involved in all senses not just hearing and often leads the uneducated to believe it is telepathic in nature. It is not. It is the common language of all living things and when the fey speak it some of it will be understandable to any listener. Ents and other such manifestations of the living land all speak Vae-tal. If Tal itself were to speak this would be its tongue.

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Avatar of Wild

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