Avatar of Light


Light is the Avatar of all that is good. Light seeks to improve the lives and life of all the mortals on Karandia. Anything that is good, honest, virtuous, praiseworthy, chaste or holy he wishes to support and strengthen. As all Avatars he was born from the Platinum Crystal, on the side directly opposed to his enemy Darkness. Therefore to further spread the light, organisations, people and objects of evil must be opposed and Light wars against them.

Light seeks to win the eternal war with Darkness for the balance of souls on Karandia. Throughout time this war has reeled on a even keel. Light has won crucial engagements allowing the mortals to live in a reasonably free society with laws that on the whole promote good living. But Light has also suffered set backs especially since Darkness now fights more subtly. Mortals ceased to see Darkness as bad or ‘evil’ per se and now see him more as simply self interest. This self interest that mortals love so much is hurting the cause of Light badly and so she has changed her tack too to try and balance it. However of recent years all the Avatars have been forgotten and this great war is being fought on dozens of lesser levels by lesser deities and mortals.

He/she is the creator of the Elves as a race and s/he insisted that men be born with innocence, love of life and high ideals.

He wields the Armlet of Light personally and is responsible and linked with the fate of the Armlet of Senses. This is the greatest object of his power manifest on Tal in the time of mortals. Light uses the Armlet to guide his/her followers to new heights and to develop them so they can find good to assist and preserve it, or find evil to oppose and destroy it.

Light values goodness, purity, selflessness and idealism. he values perceptiveness very highly as it is the real truth.


Like all Avatars, Light can take any form he chooses. Light either appears as light itself or a mortal form. Light’s mortal form, or Avatar, changes yet there are some common threads.

A golden haired paladin elf/human/dwarvern (depending on audience) clad in shining plate mail with the sunburst on the chest. Male or female, usually male.

An incredibly beautiful, golden haired, white winged, angel (Usually female).

A simple girl, often dressed as a peasant but still with an undeniable charisma (Light can’t help it).

A street urchin (Traditionally named Jack) who tests followers of Light.

As the paladin and Angel light displays the Armlet and often will be wielding a blade of Light.


Light is a creature of love, honesty and truth and embodies these characteristics. Light wishes to increase the faith and hope not only of her followers but of all the residents of Tal. Light wants no unwilling followers but is a great believer in forgiveness and redemption. Just as Darkness might rejoice in corrupting a virtuous man, Light rejoices in reclaiming a scheming villain far more than she would in his destruction.

Light loves mortals and more than any of the other Avatars wants to see them succeed. Often this means taming their instant desires and holding out for something better. Often this means saying no and some of her followers get impatient waiting for promised natural rewards and want the instantaneous gratification offered by others. This makes Light incredibly sad and indeed her ability to morn and suffer with her followers is another thing that sets her apart from the Avatars of Death, Chaos, Wild and Darkness.

Light is pure love and will go to incredible lengths to help mortals achieve what they must. She is not deaf to pleas and will even sacrifice her own desires at times for those dearest to her. If aroused in anger Light is a terrible opponent. Without secrecy or guile Light will fight and wreck the ruin of her enemies in her wake. Her wrath is an open, clean, holy fury.

Light sees laws as things to be based on motive rather than a rigid list of forbidden actions. The spirit of the law is seen as more noble than the letter of it. The results matter, even to the extent that it is better one man die than a whole nation perish in unbelief.

Light and her followers see history based on the waxing and waning of good vs evil.


Light has massive amounts of followers, but they are of varying sincerity. It is far easier to claim you are a follower of Light than it is to admit you follow self serving Darkness or terrible Death.

Some rise to Praetor of Light, joining the Tara-Vor.

There was a time when followers of Light amongst every race then most of those began to worship the gods created by Light and no longer remember the Avatar at all. This left Light like his/her fellows weakened. However with the return of the Avatars these other churches have been subsumed into a monolithic faith.

High Brilliance – The currently recognised leader of all the church of the Light in a country.
Golden Cardianals – The leader in one of Light’s temples.
Luminaries – Holy priests leading a congregation or in charge of a holy shrine, church or site.
Bright Brothers -Travelling priests.

Planar Followers

Light rules the Plane of Light and its denizens.

Archons Angels The Illuminated Others


All non-mortal followers of Light carry the light-traits: – good, light at will and/or permanent, bless/protection from evil/circle against evil (Depending on lvl)
+4 to sense motive, diplomacy, perform, spot, listen or any check involving the senses in the light and -4 in deep darkness. +2 to attacks, AC, saves, skills, Spell resistance, ability save DCs and damage in bright-direct light and -2 to the same in pitch black. They do not like the dark and if no light at all is available they see only half as well as normal.

Light attacks heal instead of harm.
Immune to fire
Resistant to acid and sonic
Fire – cold, poison
Darkness – vulnerable

Languages -celestial , draconic and some speak using the ‘dawnsong’ (Several of the combative types also speak abyssal the language of their enemies). Telepathy is a common trait.

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Avatar of Light

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