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Justice is a patron of good, but even more so he is the patron of the law and order of the world. he does not believe that the spirit of the law should be allowed to rob the letter of it. He finds people who are good at excuses are rarely good at anything else and has little place for them amongst his followers. He seeks to balance Death and force an equality onto him. He works closely with Knowledge to assist in gathering facts and he presides over the Court of Justice.

He wields the Armlet of Justice personally and is and is linked along with Death to the fates of the linkable Armlet of Soul and Armlet of Stamina These objects are the greatest manifestations of their power on Tal, in the time of mortals.

As both he and Death claim both Armlets, they agreed to make them link-able. Due to this fact if the Armlets are linked they will become the single most powerful thing on the face of Tal. Death and Justice both strive to ensure that their forces and followers obtain both Armlets and seal them together, so its combined power can be wielded in their name alone. This conflict is on going but since the Avatars’ worship has been all but abandoned there is a great possibility that unaligned persons will be the ones to lay their hands on these objects of incredible power. Both Avatars would work against this unhappy event, but if it occurred their battle might change into a struggle for the allegiance and soul of whomever wielded their Armlets.


Justice usually appears either as a judge in full robes and complete with staff of authority and gavel or as a bold knight clad in shining steel.

To some specific, often doomed individuals Justice appears as a blind woman wielding a sword and scales. Upon the scales are set that persons heart and to balance it the feather of truth.

In these three forms Justice always wears his Armlet.


Justice is fair above all. Even his enemies he will not destroy without giving them a chance to account for their actions. Yet true to his image he will make swift and deadly decisions once the accused is proved guilty. Light sometimes finds Justice a frustrating ally, as without that proof he will not act and if he has it nothing not even superior tactical and strategic thought will prevent his action. truly Justice can be blind… or rather blinkered.


His followers among every race tend to be law keepers and protectors. Those who wish to see civilisation flourish and the whole gain together. Of course this is not always possible, yet there are always those who will strive to see it done.

Some rise to Praetor of Justice, joining the Tara-Vor.

The church of Justice since the restoration has been set up as the strictest and most rigid of all the churches of the Avatars. It is a single monolithic religion with very little leeway for deviance. This has been made possible only by direct divine intervention by Justice and his planar followers in order to make it so.

Planar Followers

Justice rules the Plane of Justice and its denizens.

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Avatar of Justice

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