Audit Corporation

The Audit Corporation was originally the brain child of the philanthropist and banker Hans Guttenvalt. As a key member of the Emperor’s inner council he was able to ensure his various private business enterprises were successful and he became exceedingly rich especially through providing loans to the Empire itself.

He decided to create an organisation to charter, oversee and investigate all the businesses in the Empire and ensure that they gave the correct taxes to the crown. This corporation was initially private but since has become paid for and run almost entirely through the government of the Empire. However the Senate have no oversight powers as the Audit Corporation is technically an independent business even today and even if it weren’t it sees itself as a separate wing of government rather than a part of the Senate and its committees.

These days the Corporation is a mix of bankers, investors, economic theorists and specialists. It has inordinate amounts of money at its disposal and so is incredibly powerful. They are known to be involved with various dark and disreputable organisations but nothing can be proved.

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Audit Corporation

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