This is an area covered with ash trees in the southern part of the Karritan forest, the most likely avenue of any serious attack. This is the karritkol’s military stronghold such as it is. Ashguard is full of deadly traps and it is the training ground for the elven nation’s living lay army.

The Shrouded are war druids and the Shadeborn their elite, uncompromising hands. These are openly all out war organisations, that believe that the elves as a race are in a permanent state of a War of Survival. However most elves are not of this frame of mind or disposition. So there is no military career in Karritan. Rather everyone has two careers, you are one thing and then you are also a warrior to be called on as needed. Here at Ashguard the training of the living army takes place under the supervision of specially chosen fighters and after their inception the Vaseal.

The Ash ents are the most warlike and, with the exception of the Linden Grove only, Ashguard is the location of the most awake ents anywhere on Karandia.

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