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The greatest thing in existence is the Platinum Crystal, which resides on the Platinum Throne in the Paromere, the meeting house of the Avatars.

From this object came the Avatars and later the Armlets of great power. Those of the Avatars and those of Man.

The Armlets of Men was split into Strength, Stamina, Soul, Stealth, Senses and Sorcery. The last Armlet, Sorcery, was split into six more pieces, for Knowledge realised how dangerous it was to put so much power into an inanimate thing that could be wielded by anyone and for any cause.

The Avatars’ Armlets were also six: Light, Darkness, Justice, Death, Knowledge and Nature. Each corresponded with one below and so it was done. Knowledge to Sorcery. Light to Senses. Darkness to Stealth. Nature to Strength.

But Justice and Death quarreled for each of them claimed both Soul and Stamina as theirs. Death wished to use Soul to reanimate the dead and force spirits to shed their secrets. Justice wished to have Soul for his followers as a means of testing the souls of others to know whether or not they were good or evil and therefore judge them correctly. Stamina could be used to increase health and strengthen all; it was for these powers that Justice wanted it. It was in many ways the ultimate defensive weapon and in the same way Death wanted it, for it could take all that away also. Stamina could bring plague and weakness, allowing the physical form to simply cease to exist should its bearer so wish. The dispute was never settled and Justice and Death both furious managed to agree on one thing. The two armlets were made in such a fashion that they could be combined should they ever be brought together in the presence of enough power. Both the Elder Avatars believed it would be they who would see this brought to pass and so wagered much on a dangerous venture.

Chaos stood alone in the matters of the armlets for he represented no side of the platinum crystal from whence came the armlets. Therefore he had none and this was his balance among the others. But Chaos did not care as he had not when the others had been so concerned about making the gods of the Golden Age or when they had busied themselves with creating and managing of ‘Life’. Chaos knew his place and his power and he needed no followers, no mindless artifacts to bring him consolation and power. These competing powers would only complicate matters down on Tal. Chaos knew that as in all things his siblings and their progeny would struggle for control of these items of power. In so doing they would create the chaos for which he craved. These armlets were powerful he knew that and realised that as such they would push the six into a never-ending battle to control them and protect them.

These were the most powerful artifacts in all creation save only the Platinum Crystal…

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