Armlet of Strength

Wild’s Armlet of Strength

Wild’s armlet was that of strength and unlike Light and darkness he did not hide it away and seek to protect it with power guardians. Nor did he seek out his most loyal followers in order to make them stronger. In true Fang fashion he threw the armlet from the Paromere to land where it would, but Wild laid upon the armlet his dominion over the law of the wild. ‘Survival of the fitest’. Wild’s armlet gave any who possessed it the strength of the wild itself, the speed of the very wind, the toughness of the stones. Therefore Wild saw that all would wish to claim it and he made it accessible to both man and beast, to ever race and species. He decreed that whichever creature gained the armlet that their race would rise predominant until such a time that the armlet was taken by one of another race or species.

At first it fell into the hands of the Ratteroges and they ruled all making Wild their god and raging rampant over Karandia. But the elves where quick to see with the light of their god the power of the armlet and took it from the Ratteroges aided by the first humans and Derek Errant. The elves became the dominant race and allied themselves with the dwarves who gained a respect for the elves in their newfound strength. But the Ratteroges defeat and the pushing of the green skins into Wargak did not halt their desire for the wild things of Tal to own the armlet. The orcs gained the armlet after the slaying of the elf that held it. The orcs rose quickly to dominate the goblins and to overwhelm even the Ratteroges by their strength and numbers. They grew into so powerful a nation that they covered all of what is today Danaspree and Saracan and Wargak and much of western Auria and the Western Alkan plains. But a Paladin by the name of Faithsblade met with the orcs and gained their trust. He served them and protected the holder of the armlet as he would have protected his own king. The holder of the armlet was called Heartcleaver and he made a pact with the human. He called the human paladin ’Whiteskin’ and made him his closest guardian and ally.

At this time daemons called the Chaos Lords came and began to strike out destroying all before them. All races fell before them save the orcs. The orcs were decided that they need not concern themselves, as the daemons did them no harm and indeed Chaos seemed to be a god who would help them just as much as wild had done. But Heartcleaver had been changed by his time with Whiteskin and he told his friend he would ride against the Chaos Lords. Whiteskin told him he would not ride alone and gathered every knight or paladin who would ride at the side of the orcs and they rode to Helm’s Gate. At this huge natural tor two races faced extinction from Chaos. The catlords and the kenchillians or birdmen. The two races had every last member of their races in their armies struggling to turn back the chaos horde.

An orc army such as never had been seen crushed into the Chaos Lords. The paladins brought the power of holy light, the Orcs numbers and strength; the kenchillians wielded their weapons above the battlefield struggling with the Skirge the Chaos Lord’s servants. In the end though it was the catlords who struck the decisive blow sending the Chaos Lords into oblivion using the Greystone. (This is rumoured to be one of the six parts of the Knowledge armlet). The four races made a pact over the dying form of the greatest leader of the orcs Heartcleaver. Even as the orc died he spread his blood over the clasped hands of his allies. This brought about the Helm’s gate alliance and when the armlet was lost and the orcs turned to savagery and baseness, the orcs of Heartcleaver keep kept the power and civilisation of the great orc nation that once had been, from disappearing entirely.

In that battle however had strayed a human, a tomb robber who stole the armlet of Strength. He departed and later became Vizier to one Jomark of Auria. He never told of his secret possession never showed it, but it caused the inevitable rise of the human nation taking them above all that had come before. But it is said that one day the orcs of Heartcleaver keep will return the Armlet to the Helm’s Gate and to the Tomb of Heartcleaver and one of his decedents will take it up and the orc nation will once again rise to supremacy among the peoples of Karandia.

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Armlet of Strength

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