Arcen was a kingdom just to the south east of Torash. When Torash invaded they fought back using their knights and military.

Its capital is Arcenfast and Torash took it fairly head on. Large battles were fought and there was a seige at Arcenfast itself that lasted four months. But Torash knows how to conduct seiges and using magic and seige machines they broke through and captured the King. He was later excecuted but many of his family were spared in hopes of encouraging earlier surrenders later. This seems to have been particularly effective in Djohlan.

Yet due to this there is a royalty underground that keeps up an ongoing secret resistance to the Toran occupation. This underground has connected with other like minded organisations and become named the Knights of the Sky. The different Knights of the Sky factions display their colours differently exposing that they are not as united as they should be. Probably explaining why after over a milenia the knights have never thrown off Toran occupation.

The Knights of the Sky are recognised by a blue flag with a black hawk swooping down with a weapon in its claws. The Arcen version the hawk is carrying a lance.

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