Arcania is the name of the source of arcane magic.


It is generated as best as current scholars have been able to determine from the movement of the stars, planets and other celestial bodies in the space above Tal. Due to this it can be heavily influenced by the movement of these sources.

Arcania is accessible by almost all people but requires extensive study, dexterous movements and the ability to form words articulately. Some races/individuals show specific talent for magic just as some people might have a natural gift for singing, weaving or swordplay. Typically the one who studies more is the stronger.

Some races and classes of people have shown themselves far more adept at using arcania than others. Dwarves for example rarely engage in the role of wizard but this is more cultural than any actual disability much like the Alkar, who only have female wizards.

So in short arcania is taught and learned like a science or a skill.

Arcania usually considered split into 8 schools of magic (Though its applications are actually limitless)

1- Abjuration (Magic that cancels or annuls another effect)
2- Conjuration (Creating something from magic or summoning it from another plane)
3- Divination (Magic that allows extra sensory perception)
4- Enchantment (Magic that deceives or controls the mind)
5- Evocation (Magic that manipulates energy)
6- Illusion (Magic that creates unreal images and sounds)
7- Necromancy (Magic that pulls upon negative energy and strays very close to Soulcraft)
8- Transmutation (Magic used to transform matter)

There are wizards who scorn this definition of arcania as limited and childlike. Arcania cannot be boxed into neat orders of power and its applications are too wide ranging for all it can do to be defined thus. Nevertheless most mage guilds speak and organise themselves in the pattern of the 8 schools.

Some key groups are:

  • The Green Circle The wizards of Errantlund. This guild are actually all considered to be employed, leal servants of the Lion King of Errantlund and are sometimes called the Royal Wizards. They wear green to signify this allegiance.
  • Crowlings The very unofficial name for the identified past apprentices of Ravenfast the archmage of Dana.
  • The Sapphire Wizards Guild of Auria. The largest and most powerful wizards’ guild on Tal. It is run by the Saffier and its members are called Sarrifs. They wear blue robes to demonstrate their membership.

Some key individuals of note

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