These are the sea elves and are known as the Aquati becasue it is short for Aquatikol (Sea People). These elves led by Rimic, an ancient war leader from the Wars of Betrayal fled to the southern peninsual of Rimic. For their full history see Rimic.

After they came there they made a pact with three gods and as a consequence were given what they needed to survive. They were given the ability to breathe water as easily as air.


Aquati tend to much the same height and build as their northern cousins the Wood Elves. There are however a few key differences in appearence specifically in their skin, hands, feet and neck. The Aquati tend to pale skin with, occasionally, a bluish or grey tinge. On their necks they have gill-like slits on each side. Their hands and feet have slight membranes at the bottoms of the fingers and toes allowing for much improved movement underwater.


Aquati tend to stay in their easily defended peninsula. Some venture forth into the lands of men for trade, duty, learning, adventure and work. Usually you will find them in Rimic, where they make up over 95% of the population.

Game Mechanics

+2 DEX -2CON
+2 Listen, search and spot.
+4 racial bonus on Swim checks and a base swim speed a 40ft. They can take 10 for a Swim check, even if threatened or rushed.
Swim is always a class skill and they can move twice their swim speed as a full-round action.
Aquati are able to breathe water and air equally well, and never have to make suffocation checks while underwater (though they do for other substances, such as dust storms or silos of grain).
They are not immune to sleep and instead receive a +2 vs sleep and other enchantment effects. They do not recieve automatic chances to find secret doors but may search and find them as any other race.
Low Light Vision
All aquati have racial proficiency with the trident. This replaces elven proficiency with the longbow and longsword. Otherwise, they have the attribute bonuses and penalties of elves.

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