One of the three Mighty Fortresses of Karandia, Aquariguard is the centre of the Military Border of Rimic.

It is a huge structure with three imposing walls set in a triangle formation. At each join their is a tower. With the main outer wall are another two walls. So three triangular shaped walls getting shorter but higher as they proceed inward. Each wall joined with three towers. Destroyable bridges link the walls at the tree tower points. Aquariguard is not a city it is a fortress and has little population other than the thousand or so elven soldiers who run it. However in a time of war or seige it can hold up to ten times that number with ease.

Aquariguard also has access to groundwater in underground rivers that run beneath the citadel. This works as a perfect escape hatch for elves trapped there in a seige situation. Around Aquariguard are set three other castles. These are Kalak, Sailak and Torlak. These three form yet another triangle around the fortress though each is leagues distant. These three castles in a defensive triangle mirror the Triplets, in their productive stright line, on the safe western coast, facing the protected shallows.

Aquariguard is indeed a formidable barrier, but unlike the other Mighty Fortresses Redwatch and Horsegate in the north, it does not stand alone. Rather Aquariguard is the centre piece of the Military Border and it is that role that defines it for what it is. The centre of the singals system, the centre for communication, relief, supplies and leadership. Also Aquariguard cannot be underestimated as a symbol, for it has been built on the ground where the reckoning was fought.

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