Aqual Sollus


This city is the greatest secret of the Aquati is that underneath the Moon Reach Peninsula is a huge sea elf metropolis. This huge city lying on the sea bed is called Aqual-Sollus and stretches under the Crimson Water to the Eternal Ocean. This is the true centre of Aquati rule. The real palace is present here and it is as grand and magnificent as the elves, magic and the sea could make it.

Here the king exercises primary authority and from his royal palace in Venesti there is a direct Webway link. Thus the royal family and there bodyguards are some of the few who are well known in both landward Rimic and Aqual-Sollus.

The presenence of this huge city with its extreamly large population makes Rimic a lot more powerful than it would normally seem to an outsider. Aqual-Sollus is the headquaters of the Sons of Sollus and their main Chapter House is here.

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Aqual Sollus

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