Amara Gemille


Amara Gemille looks something like her mother, but favours her father the most in her appearance. Her dark hair colouring has been said to set off her bright and inquisitive eyes. She is part of Dusken’s merchant nobility and is quite active in their social circles.

Amara is quick witted and is predicted to do well in helping to run Gemille business interests. It is understood however that her older and far more brilliant brother Torren will actually inherit the title and the business ownership. Amara is likely to get a good match as she is reasonably good looking and has a sunny disposition. She is remarked in particular for her interest in and patronage of the arts, especially drawing and painting.

Her personal lady’s maid is called Mandy. Having bee served by Mandy for six years Amara has become very close to the young woman. Mandy is at least two years Amara’s senior in age.

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Amara Gemille

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