Alanda Silversong

The daughter of Sarion Silversong, the Guardian of Karritan. She is known as a princess though technically her father is no king. The title is a recognition of his exalted status and hers, but really goes further back into the history of the elven when they were one nation and had a royal line. Princess could easily be replaced with the more cumbersome First of all Ladies or some such title.

Alanda is incredibly beautiful and wilful. Despite, almost in order to spite, her father’s wishes she allowed it to become known that she favoured the half-elf Shadron Dan’r after he became renown as a dreeku hunter and gained popularity as a renegade hero among the younger more rebellious elven nobility.

It is possible that she has claim to being the most beautiful mortal (i.e. from a non-magical race) woman on Karandia.

Assumed PR= 2

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Alanda Silversong

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