To the Veiled Court

Varian has taken me away from Shepperton Vale. I’m not sure why but I am nervous. We’re with Marian which should help I mean she’s pretty enough to ask to dance at Summer festival but I don’t like these Veiled Seers. Dangerous if you ask me! Women too! Don’t know what Larn stays with her but then again the guy might not actually be alive… I mean look at him! Anyway I’ll write tonight.

We have stopped running finally! the weather is awful and there are unearthly beasts out there baying for our blood. Apparently they won’t come into the city because we are in the BLOODY CURSED CITY OF BLOODY DARIEN KAL THAT’S WHERE! You know the place that is SO scary and evil, that the demons of the abyss give it a miss! Oh yes that’s where! I’m almost too exhausted to be scared which is lucky and the horses are half dead. I have no idea how they ran for so long something Marian did to them I think. Darned if I’ll let her do it to me! I need to spend her coin it’s like I owe her something as long as I have it. I’d throw it away but it goes against everything Dad ever taught me to do that. Still this place might be interesting loads of huge buildings and palaces and according to her never looted because people were too afraid… maybe I’ll pop out and have a looksie on my watch!

Well Darien Kal wasn’t so bad I mean the very air itself tried to kill us but on the whole not bad. I can’t believe we left Rondel to die. Marian and Varian wouldn’t even consider taking him… I say we leave her! I mean Varian’s an alright sort… a bit into the rules and his fighting but alright. However we can’t trust her we never could we barely know her and we still don’t know what she really wants with us. I bet Redd’s leaving was because of her… or maybe Varian being all serious and ‘evil is coming because of you’ and all that. Anyway they tried to tell me I couldn’t take anything… well I didn’t Rondel said he’d trade me the Dagger for my silver coin. I real idiot, nice chap, but a fool. Every one of the gems in the hilt is worth gold or I’m not a Cauthon! Still can’t let the others see it… M

We’ve been split up… lost the others… only me and Varian now and I’ve seen him looking at my dagger. He wants it now he knows how expensive it is. Well he can’t have it, I traded for it fair and square…

The Cat is plotting against me. I can tell wherever we stop and whatever we do he is eying the knife and when we talked about it he sounded worse than Nym. I don’t know where he gets off thinking he can tell me what to do or thinking he can steal what is mine.

We might have to kill the Cat… he is getting more and more desperate I can see the madness in his eyes. I think when we went through the city some of the evil air must have got him or maybe it is Marian controlling him I don’t know. What I do know is the dagger is powerful. We can always kill him if he tries anything.

We’ll kill him… tonight….

Oh, some cleric has just woken me up. I feel different, it’s strange. Nothing seems as bad as before. Someone tried to kill us, but me and the monk fought em off. Maybe it is a good thing if I at least give this magic stuff a chance. I’ve gotta say I feel much better and the dagger is definitely magical, maybe magic has to be sorted with magic.

The Cat tried to take the dagger from me today… looks like we will have to kill him before he kills us.

I woke up in the Veiled Court today. Not as rich as I’d thought it would be. I feel different, the daggers not on me but I don’t feel any panic. It’s like I am back to my old self… minus one silver coin! Maybe that Rondel wasn’t such an idiot pitty we left him there to die. Well guess what Xara’s here and so is NYm…. of course they are trying to take over typical girls! I feel tired but they treat me well here I’ll rest up get my wits together and then I’ll make a breakl for it. They are nice but I can see when a cat has got the cream they won’t let me go… still the food is really good and the dagger it is still here somewhere… I don’t know if I dare leave it… maybe I can talk to Varian about this.



Mask Mask

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