The Fall of Xara

It’s all that Blasted woman’s fault! If only she’d never come to Shepperton Vale! At least Varian is worth something he was sharp enough to ensure I knew Zara was going with him… to keep him safe… laughable! NOt that she couldn’t with her abilities she is more powerful than any man even one like Varian who has some knowledge.

Well we have left the court and Marty, no one seems to care that Perrix and Redd are lost. Well Zara cares about Redd but won’t say of course. Gah I want to pull my hair out with that girl and Marian is still not back curse her and Larn with her of course. Probably sacrificing himself for that worthless witch… that would be like him idiot man!

Anyway as I predicted it was all a trap. We no sooner arrived in Kolaran than we were set upon by Shades and those of the Veiled Court who work against the Light. Most were red veils but I saw some green, blue and white among them. They made me so mad I could have killed them all and I nearly did. This Impulse is so strong I forget myself some times. Varian knew enough not to chide me but I could see that what I had done has changed me in his eyes forever. He is more powerful than when I last knew him. As he is not a Veiled Seer I don’t understand how he has forced his body and will so far ahead in such a short time.

Xara has been taken and we are determined to rescue her and find this Enhancer that they are all complaining and worrying over.

We have the Enhancer but Xara has been taken and ‘turned’ by women… blasted Veiled Seers channelling the Impulse through these Darkling Shades. I can’t speak of it or I will scream! She’s gone… I pro…mised her… I promised her mother! I cannot bear it! I must over come my block I must find a way to fight these Lurkers! These friends of the thorn! When I do I might just kill every last one of them!

Varian says we must go to a dojo called the Shaded Dragon and meet with a man there. I have not the will to defy him, I feel broken in my grief and guilt over Xara.

Al’Armian has challenged me to do some training and even suggested I might not be able to handle it… well I’ll show him! I may not write for some time.



Mask Mask

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