Bad Bloodstone

Our hero Varian has now successfully protected Meeka the Meek… and weak from his erstwhile allies Oral Bloodstone and the Invoker Kabrina. Having already slain Selina the old band are now all dead and Meeka says he can come out of hiding and once agin grace the Empire with his songs and ballads. Yet Varian has kept the the Bloodstone for himself, after trying to destroy it and failing, which resulted in the Black Hands being veined in red as a result. He has now discovered that many of the items he carries are cursed or evil items and must decide what he is to do with them, though his inner rogue has some ideas.

Redd Tor has fled Shepperton Vale in order to spare them any further attacks from the dark forces that appear to be seeking his life. Marty Conal and Perrix Abay however have decided to stay in Shepperton Vale for the now.

The Blue Protectoran 7th Mark of the 4th Company of of the eighth legion under the command of Hilt Gaviston have taken many losses, including the valiant Nimble Wit. Now only 5 remain including Varian’s friend and ally Tattle. Though the Night Goblin Shaman Shobar Nightshade was destroyed by the valiant Unseen Strike he was able to complete some part of his eveil ritual and appears to have irrevocably altered his gigantic scorpion steed Stinger. The Scorpion appears to have grown to gargantuan proportions and in now covered in black and dark blue reflective plates and burns with an inner power.

Shepperton Vale itself is recovering from its recent attacks and only the orc tribe of the Cross Fangs led by the orc war chief ‘Black Hands Banva’ threatens them now. However Varian fears that the return of the mysterious Dark Elf messenger may not be far away which can only spell doom for the little hamlet.

Meeka The Meeka (Official Recorder and member of the most esteemed college of Bards)


Mask Mask

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